After another visit with our RIHP Kelly (who helps us keep H on target for his speech/language development) I realized that I’ve lapsed a bit on household updates. I know. You’ve had the popcorn ready for this.

H – 2 years 1 mo

  • I can’t believe he’s a 2 year old! Have I not updated since his party?! Oh, bad mommy. 
  • The kid loooooves to read books. We’ve conquered all our animals with matching sounds, so now we like to talk about what colors our illustrations are. There are a lot of books on animals. I’m searching for a new genre to introduce him. We found a book on peas at the library that has been a big hit. 
  • We got several new toys for his birthday, he likes puzzles and cutting wooden vegetables (actually the artisan bread is his favorite).
  • He likes opening doors. He’s good at it. We had to put a stop to his bedroom door opening after he kept creeping out at 4am and peering over the husband. Nothing like waking up to that all of a sudden. 
  • Once he discovered he could no longer open his door, he stays in bed for naptime much longer as well. 
  • Most every day he also requests his “umies” (undies) after his morning poo. It’s a good system. He told me the other day while he was pooing and I tried to rush him into the potty to finish, but that did not seem like a viable option to him. While in the umies, he’ll pee and then exclaim “oh no! potty!” and run to the potty. Then we sit there and do nothing but tell the pee pee bye-bye. It’s quite an adventure. I’ll take the progress of him making a connection between feeling/seeing pee and going to the potty. We’ve got time. 
  • It’s been well over a week since we’ve had any meanie big brother incidents. I’m hoping “it was a phase”, though we keep a close eye on the buger. 
  • His vocab keeps building and he’s now putting together 2 and 3 word sentences, mostly ordering around others (mommy eat! daddy bye bye! sissy shhhh!). It’s really fun to hear him describe his world. 
  • We had a little mishap when he was wrestling with the dog. We may or may not have been pantsless (when wearing undies, my theory is “why wash more pants?”) and he rolled/fell/wrestled off the dog onto the space heater. He now reminds us all that it is HOT when he walks around the thing, giving a 3 foot radius. Fortunately it’s only a small mark on the leg. 
  • I’ve always known that this guy is a lovey dovey, but when it comes to night-night he leaves no one unkissed. It’s spectacularly cute for him to come and give his sister a hug and kiss. 
  • He’s also started to grasp the idea of praying. Well, clasping our hands and bowing our heads and being quiet for 4.3 seconds. When I say Amen, he typically asks for more. Train them up…

Miss M – 8 months

  • She is growing and growing and growing! I think she skipped the size 3-6 months nearly completely. She’s getting heavy and long and strong. 
  • Her cackle is something else – whether a tickle on the belly or watching her brother jump, she loves to give a good belly laugh. And I love to hear it.
  • She’s crawling! Mostly an army-drag like motion that offers the efficiency that a true knee crawl just can’t provide. She’s getting up on her knees and giving a few good rocks; at times she even has a tendency to go up on all fours and get stuck in the Down Dog. 
  • We’re eating real foods – applesauce, bananas, squash, sweet potatoes, pears… we’d have a bit more variety if I weren’t so lazy (or if she conquered that pincher grasp and could self feed). I’m hoping to get it together to do a few green vegetables soon. 
  • She’s pooping! I’m not sure what it is with my children and orange food that makes them move, but I’m so thankful for it.
  • There’s also a lot more sleeping happening nowadays. She’s getting more consistent on 2 naps (often times for 2 hours) and sleeping through the night. Well, except for last night. But we’ll have those evenings, I suppose. 

Husband has just a few more days of school left; these 2 days off have helped the time move faster, for sure. And I recently got put on a new client at work, so I’m looking for some work-life balance enjoyment. Overall, things are good around here. We can’t complain. Or at least, we shouldn’t.

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