Time for another logging of the excitement that exudes from this household. Ladies first.

Miss M

  • What a sitter. A little weebeley-wobbeley at times, but on the whole she likes this upright thing. Which means…
  • Food is in our future. What?! Can it be that time already? Super pioneer mom has been putting back this season’s apples and pears in anticipation of future fruit consumption. I think, because it’s in season, either squash or pumpkin will be her first go. However, I  need to buy more ice cube trays before the food making commences as I threw them out in a fit of rage last year after i couldn’t get the green beans out. They  may or may not have been frozen in there for a matter of months, forgotten once H had the tactile skills of self feeding. 
  • Belly laughing. And she finds lots of things funny – mom’s string on the hoodie, anything big brother does, and a tickle on the tummy. 
  • Once again, dad’s the favorite as she’s starting a bit more babbling – dadadada, gagaga, gooooo. Music to a mama’s ears. 
  • Due to the large numbers of books we’ve been reading, Miss M is also a fan. She likes to help turn the page and touch all the pictures. 


  • Read, read, read. It seems that’s all we do. I know I shouldn’t complain, but the boy can recite Hop on Pop. Also in the running for favorites is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. All the time he’s patting the couch beside him “mommy? mommy? booook?” He doesn’t understand that mommy has facebooking to do.
  • Lots of words!!! We’re getting good at naming food (at least he has priorities). Pumpkin (“umpkin”), apple (which also refers to oranges), toast, tea, juice, pepper, yogurt, milk, burger, and snack. 
  • We can identify things by sounds now- the other day we were in his room and there was construction happening down the street and he told me it was a tractor. WOW! Also, drove by an airplane and he did “aaahhhh” which is the learning to listen sound associated with airplane. 
  • Animals are a big favorite and we went to get our chickens yesterday. He really wanted to go in the barn with the Moooo, but we weren’t invited. Perhaps next trip. 
  • We’re working on our polite words – please, help, open, close, etc. Not just the sign, but the word. We’re getting there. He can do up and down, so that gives us an inclination of where he wants to go.
  • He helped daddy carve a pumpkin. Daddy did the carving, H did the “cleaning” out with a spoon. 
  • We’ve been doing lots of running, jumping, dancing and arm flapping as well. The arm flapping was daddy’s skill addition. Mommy taught him a few moves, including a nice spin.
  • Favorite foods: fruit (always), raisins, toasted almonds, crackers, and anything that mom or dad are eating in front of him. 
  • Loves to: brush his teeth, stand in front of the potty with no pants on (won’t sit… unless clothed), put in his “ears”, put on and take off shoes, wrestle with the dogs, give sissy toys and talk to her when they’re in car seats. Also, sorting crayons and doing puzzles. 
  • I’m starting to see the emergence of imagination as he begins some building. He’ll take all the couch pillows and blankets to the stairs and arrange them “just so”. Then there’s lots of navigating steps as he really doesn’t like his masterpiece messed with. 

Well, I’ve got 2 sleeping and some grocery shopping to do. I can’t let an opportunity for a shower pass me by! 

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