Over the past decade, one of my favorite publications became Relevant magazine. I enjoyed the variety of perspectives offered by the editorial staff and the gamut of topics covered, like what you shouldn’t expect from marriage, how facebook is killing our souls and anything Donald Miller submits. I appreciate its movie & music section, and not just in a  “which are the Christian movies to see” way. And the paper it’s printed on is just delightful to the eye and touch.  I even got published once (well, the online version). I believe that was the climax of my coolness factor. Yes, Relevant saw me through quite a tumultuous time in my life, known as my 20s.
This week we say farewell.
Admittedly, I haven’t been most faithful as of late, only popping in on occasion. My print subscription lapsed a few years ago and I never followed through to renew (even though it’s a mere $12 for such joy to be delivered to your mailbox). Nowadays I even tend to delete the weekly email, known to us old-schoolers as the 850, based upon the subject line. So in our breakup, though articles about dating and college campuses far outnumber those that appeal to my demographic, if we’re honest, it’s not you. It’s me. 
I’m turning 30.
There’s even an article highlighting my to do’s before the big three-oh, and now I’ve come to terms with my divergence from the hipster cool crowd. The piece offers a valedictorian speech adieu.  It’s been a good run. We had some good times. We’ve seen Jesus in the News around the globe. We’ve dissected everything wrong with the church and world today and even offered [solid] proposals for what could make it better. 
Now, if Strang could just offer a version for those of us who can’t wear skinny jeans and who limit caffeine intake after 7pm, perhaps the separation would be a bit more amicable. You know, something I could read while pushing a stroller.  

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