We’ve tried not to let the complaints about husband’s job fly around the house as we know it will just escalate everyone’s misery (in relation to that subject). Complaining about it does not change the situation. However, my sorrow over the whole ordeal has reached new heights.

I’m sad that the kids at his school have no respect for adults in their life, people who do wish the best for them and want to help. I’m sad that they have no respect for one another, fellow human beings who are struggling to make it on this earth just like them. I’m sad that they have no respect for themselves, allowing themselves to be washed up in escape mechanisms rather than knowing that their souls are worth fighting for.

I finally printed out the new pictures of the kids to hang in our living room (only 2 months late!). As a surprise, I printed off a 4×6 for husband to take with him to school. Something to bring light into a dark classroom. His response? “Boy, those are great pictures. I wish I could take them to school. I can’t… the kids will just make fun of my children.”

Ruthless. No respect. I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something criminal to the whole situation. It makes my chest hurt.  It makes me sad for everyone involved. But it further solidifies the theory I learned in seminary: Hurting people hurt people. And I want them to stop trying to hurt my husband.

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