Today brought 2 different conversations with people I enjoy about current lifestyle changes we’re trying to make. It made me a) quite proud of my efforts and b) quite thankful that I have the opportunity to invest time into making it happen. Allow me to elaborate on my day…

Woke early so that I could put myself together before I was needed by the children. M’s internal alarm went off at 6:45 so it’s a good thing. We had a rotation of kids in bed before I got us all out the door by 8:45 to hit Kroger. I LOVE shopping at the wee hours of the morning. There are no lines. The kids are in better moods. There are no lines and no other shoppers to irritate. Did I mention no lines? 

Thanks to the book I’m reading (Stuffed) I was well aware of all my purchases and the gimmicks employed by the CPG industry. I was not duped. I stuck to my list. Except for the nitrate-free bacon on sale that I stowed into the freezer. We seem to eat bacon by the pound, so it was a wise consumer decision (until we buy it by the pig, but I don’t love pork, so I don’t think that will happen).

I then ventured to an old haunt – Panera – to get husband’s favorite bread and I treated myself to a pumpkin spice latte. Double yay for delish candy coffee and for being able to spoil myself every once in a while. Might I add that I did this with 2 children in tow? Impressive, I know. 

I got approved for a listserv of other local people trying to live wholesome lives, complete with a few new sources of where I can get my food, such as eggs and milk. Super excited.

I was able to squeeze in some yoga while keeping the infant entertained. AND I showered. Win and win.

The salad for lunch (composed of sliced apples, raisens, almonds on a bed of romaine with a homemade poppyseed dressing, courtesy of LBW) made my tummy happy.

A pumpkin roasted in the oven; the muffins are on deck for tomorrow. Seeds are drying to be roasted.

And tonight I will round out my adult-ness and go to book club. I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned how much I love book club? I do. I’m more than just a mom there. Or a “resource” (at work. That’s a whole other post).

I feel all home-maker-y. Kind of like a could roar. I feel resourceful and empowered. Days like today remind me that I am in control of my time and energy, not the other way around. I’m proud of the efforts to make my home a whole and happy one. Physical health? check. Mental health? Check. Social health? check. Marital check? (did I mention I have dinner for husband cooking even though I’m leaving?). Yup. Check.

Now I’m going to run to the Nazarene’s Twice-blessed sale, purchase some unneeded items but thereby donating a small profit to the childrens ministry. Spiritual and communal health? check check.


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