I’m a visionary type. Looooove to dream big. Often times unattainable dreams. And the number of instances in which I let my ideas run away with my mouth in the presence of KLM typically lead me to trouble, such as instances of driving around at 9pm taping bags of freshman kits to mailboxes. The reason we work well as a team lies in the fact that I’m brilliant in ideas and she’s brilliant in delivery (not that she hasn’t had a killer idea or two in her day – but I’m often beyond grateful for her delivery capabilities).

But there is something to be said for simplicity. I’m learning that with little ones. Vacations don’t need to be grand excursions – the beach at Indian Lake has as many magical sand castles to build as one on the Mexican Rivera. Animals are as exotic at the county fair as in the African safari, because they’re all new to explore.

So when I slow down, I really enjoy days like yesterday. So many of H & M’s cousins made an appearance at the fair! They rode rides, ate pork burgers and danced around the midway (ok, some of them were throwing stones and laying on the midway. Namely, mine).

Not everyone gets to see their cousins on a near-weekly basis at times. Not everyone operates in a way that we each grab a stroller and keep on the lookout for runaway toddlers. At one point my cousin Brad retrieved H just like he was his own. Call me crazy, but I felt like it was a sacred moment. My kids are blessed.

I do love the simplicity of sharing times with family. Riding rides, eating unhealthy food, just enjoying the presence of one another. And I love that my family values it enough that some come from many miles to make sure their kids are a part of it as well.

Blessed. Another marker for my list of this beautiful life.

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