As I was commenting on a FB friend’s status update, I decided that if Facebook were to have its own version of the Dundee awards, he could be a contender in multiple categories. Which inspired me to think… what would the awards be? And who would win them? Ah, let the games commence.

Humor in the mundane
Bob B. Most recent status: Things must be going well for the company.. We just got urinal mints in the men’s room at work..

Strongest political statement
Lindsay L. Always good for a pro-Obama video. Because the majority of my fb friends are republican, I must say it’s a breath of fresh air.

Best spiritual uplift
Mary K. I love the current translation she’s been using.

Consistency in overstretching onself’s limits and then complaining about it
Well, I can’t say the name! But if you’re friends with her, you know.

Most helpful information concerning cinematic events:
Kenny M. Since I rarely watch movies, the posts are quite helpful in sounding educated and involved.

Best wisher of a good day:
Barb W. Always chipper, even at 7am. Good morning, Hardin county!

Status-turned-forum of discussion:
Anna G, as evidenced by how many comments she gets over a consistent basis. In her acceptance speech she needs to thank Twitter for feeding into her Fb, I’m sure. And all those little people she’s tagged along the way.

Photography uploads :
(professional category) Danielle D. Her speed at updates kicked her over the edge as a winner.
(personal category): Brian W. He earned bonus points for creativity in locale.

Twitter Dee and Twitter Dum Award(Consistently updates to the same status, not out of accident but because they’re always together):
Brian W and Doctor Ryan. The ipad purchase made you the clear winners.

Makes me hungriest:
Ashley M. I think she should start taking pictures and uploading the recipes to become a foodie blogger.

Best Musical performance in a status update (ie, quoting lyrics):
Lacy D. She’d also be a front runner in the “makes me feel old because I don’t know what that song is” category.

Best source of news for someone who doesn’t get out much:
Tony F. Mostly in regards to sports news, but in general after reading his posts I feel like I can contribute to a conversation. Or crack a joke.

Motivator Award (most likely to update that she just worked out and thus driving me to reach for another cookie)
Vura. That girl is always working out! Or perhaps FB is a reward mechanism to get her to workout. That could be a winning strategy for this girl.

Lead supporting role: best commenter on a status
Rebecca B. She is on top of it when wishing happy birthdays.

Randomness award:
Nate Johnson. Half the time I have no idea what he’s talking about (fig newtons?), but 90% of the time I still laugh.

Druken dial updates (or a large number of them involve drinking)
Brad W. I’m not sure there were any close competitors in this category.

Overall Worst Facebooker Award:
Kristy R. Quitter.

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