… whom you will serve. I find the ironing is delicious that Oswald Chambers offered this verse of meditation on the same day that “the King” announced his decision. Watching the show triggered several thoughts. First, like one commentator mentioned, was that you have to feel bad for Cleveland. I really am. But not just because, as one FB post said, “any hopes of winning a professional sports championship have disappeared” but because LeBron is moving to South Beach.

I heard over and over in his explanation that “I have to do what’s best for me” and “do what makes you happy.” This is the kind of language that causes more heartache in the world than anything. Now, I can get behind his mama when she says that no one else has to live with consequences of the decision like he will – I get that. However, happiness is fleeting. Ask any woman on week 3 of her cycle. Happiness is an emotion, and I think best decisions are not made based on emotion.

I think better decisions are based upon things like hope, loyalty and seeing the larger picture. I think decisions have to include its effects on others. Another FB update I saw: “well, Miami, at least you have D-Wade who won’t quit on  you when it counts” I think it cut to a deeper issue: character. I think it takes a bigger man to stay loyal even when things aren’t perfect: whether it be a team, a marriage, or friendship. And even in a life that’s based off a game (I mean really – it is a game), sacrifice has to be at the top of the list.

LeBron has earned the right to make career decisions that offer the best opportunities like any other working American. I’m not passing judgment on “his business”. But I think some decisions give an insight into character. A wise man once said, where your treasure is, there your heart is also. I’m wondering if some reflection on this sage advice would have yielded a different announcement.

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