I’ve written no less than 10 blogs in the past week, none of which I felt should be “published” in their current state. Partially because I’m not sure they’re interesting, partially because the words aren’t true shadows of my thoughts, these remain in draft mode. But, as I am on maternity leave, I urn for communication with the greater world. So I’ll just give a few thoughts in snapshot form.

1. I’ve been quite the facebook stalker as of late, I believe as a reflection for my desire to connect with humans who use full sentences and eat with big people utensils. I check status updates in an unhealthy frequency. I think I may subconsciously be trying to live vicariously through those who are going to work, visiting neat places and being social in general.

2. Our A/C decided to quit. Last night. When it was close to 90 degrees. Yay. This put me in an absurdly bad mood – not because I was that hot (though I was) or because Miss M couldn’t sleep because it was that hot (though she couldn’t) but because of the principle: things should work when we need them. We just used the heating function a few weeks ago! How can the whole thermostat unit just up and leave like that? I was nearly irate. And very hot.

3. KLM got married this weekend. The entire weekend was full of glee, sadness and nostalgia for me. Sheer happiness for the new couple; sadness for the gaping hole beside her father; nostalgia because I was in Upper so much and around many people whom I’ve loved knowing but never see anymore. As I looked down the row of folks from JSUMC who were in attendance at the reception, specifically the “kids” (who are mostly either married or engaged at this point – add another point in the “you’re getting old” column), it made me long for the days of yesteryear. We had such good times. They were such good kids. Ah, memories. I think it’s mostly selfish thoughts because I know what fantastic futures lie ahead for each of them and I’m all pouty because I know I won’t be a part of it. With much hope, I’ll at least get to watch from afar.

4. Miss M and I are starting to get in sync. THANK GOODNESS. Partially, I think because I gave up milk for her wellbeing, another part because I started to understand what she needed to sleep well, and another part because I gave up thinking that I knew anything. We’ve had several pleasant days (I know, I just jinxed myself) where her crabbiness has been minimal. And generally the crabbiness comes when there are lots of other people wanting to hold and handle her – she’s a bit sensitive and likes things their certain way. Gee, I have NO IDEA where she gets it. I’m quite grateful, however, that I have seemed to be able to provide what she needs in order to be happy again.

5. There are much deeper reflections to come about Miss M only inheriting my bad traits. Why would God take all the bad of a person and put it into someone else without at least taking along one of those endearing habits (and my long, gangly fingers and toes don’t count)? Surly there is an endearing piece of me that is inheritable?! Perhaps she’ll like to write or bake, but since we’re not at a point of reading aloud or capitalizing on dexterity, we don’t know that yet.  I can hope.

6. We’re about to embark on several trips to the lakes for extended periods of time. I love this, because I love being at the lake, however it does entail a bit of work up front. Today we must fetch groceries for the good eats (because that’s rule #2 of going to the lake. Rule #1 involves not wearing pants with zippers or shoes with strings, unless running), and the process of packing must get started. I guess we can’t expect that all fun goes without a little preparation.

7. I’m running again! Oh, the sweet release. I’m up to 3 miles, though not running it in totality, there must be some walking involved. I have high hopes of a few late summer 5ks. I’d love to do a half marathon in the fall, but I’m just not confident in my time to train. Really I need to set my sights high and do the full marathon. What better time than right before I turn the big 3-0? But I would be training and running in solitary, which is no fun.

8. I am a firm believer in deadlines. When I have unlimited amounts of time to do the laundry, it never gets done. But as long as we have a few clean onsies in the house, the piles abound. Mostly because of #1 on this list. I’m not doing anything functional because I’m trying to be a good facebook friend. I did get 18 loads of laundry done yesterday (ok, perhaps I exaggerate a bit. But there were at least 5!), the dishwasher run, a meal prepared, not to mention 2 appointments promptly kept. I call that success. But if I’m going to have a repeat performance today, I need to get my hiney into gear. So enough talking about my life, and more of getting to the work of it.

Blessings to all.

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