This morning, as all mornings go, H inhaled a banana in 2.4 seconds flat. Fortunately, to prevent choking as a good mommy would do, I had cut the banana in half so he gets it in doses. He did the grunting and pointing thing toward his second half of the beloved fruit, but we’re trying to teach manners around here. But, instead of instructing him to ask “more please” (because he’s been known to go through his entire repertoire of signs to just see if there ‘s a magic one that will get him what he wants), I asked him, “how do we ask nicely?” And guess what he did? He signed: More. Please. And then waggled his arms about toward the ‘nana. The kid “spoke” a full sentence, and it wasn’t just mimicking something I did. He’s going to be a doctor or a scientist someday, I just know it. Or perhaps a janitor that does math problems on the chalkboard at night.

THEN the day kept getting better. I had a great lunch with the fam (thanks Uncle Bob for yet another lunch!) and one of the most well dressed people I know allowed me to browse through her closet for a dress to wear to KLM’s wedding. I came home with about 8, there is bound to be one that works, right?!

THEN I drove on to baby girl heaven. Another fashionable friend decided to yard sale up all her girls’ clothes and allowed me a bit of pre-sale action. 7 tubs. 7 tubs!!! I came home with 3.5 very large garbage bags full of apparel, very gently used and uber-cute. Let’s just say there was some glitter to be had on some red jeans. OH. And then there’s the metallic gold gladiator sandals. She’s got better shoes than me. 

The only complaint I can offer is that Padrone’s sent their cheese sauce instead of ranch. Why even have cheese sauce when you offer a ranch like that? It’s a senseless mistake, really – easily correctable. 

I think I’m going to try to finish this off with a quick run and perhaps a glass of wine before Criminal Minds. What a good day.

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