when we got out of the car this afternoon in the be-a-u-tiful weather the little man wanted to do some wondering. it’s quite amazing to think that this is his first chance to really explore the outdoor world. cracks in the pavement, bugs, mulch… last summer he was pretty immobile so his explorations only included the grass blades or green beans that mama provided in front of him. now the the driveway is his laboratory and he was digging it.

one of the especially cute things he did was in effort to continue his walking from the driveway into the garage. there is a *slight* step up where the concrete starts. H, with his mother’s confidence with all physical challenges, decided it was quite the stretch for his little feet, so he decided to drop to his knees for an old-fashioned crawl to get across such a ravine. it cracked me up, seeing as how the “step” was no more than an inch high.

it made me realize, again, that sometimes our challenges are all a matter of perspective. sometimes it’s a lack of confidence, sometimes it’s because our obstacles are, in relative comparison to our size, a bit overwhelming. sometimes we just have to learn that we do, indeed, have within us the power to overcome, but you may have to hold mommy’s hand to find that out.

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