tis true. i just stumbled upon 2 different blogs that i follow and they’re giving stuff away, like books and touch screen computers. i’m thinking about making those rolo on pretzel treats with m&ms on top? that’s the best i can do. sorry.

you’d think that i haven’t posted in a while because i have nothing to say. au contraire. (go ahead cara, correct my french. is that french?). there’s actually so much swimming around in this tiny little brain that i can’t put it into appropriate words and sentances – at least not without using words that mean nothing like “lots” and “so” and “idk” or ending my sentences with prepositions.

the past week or so has been a rough one. i didn’t realize just how rough until all the crying and then the cold sore popped up. as i previously mentioned (oh, real bloggers link to previous posts, too. this is a free skill so i will participate in an effort to convince myself someone takes me seriously), there are 4 reasons for cold sores appearing in my life and one of them is stress. i thought the crying was baby hormones, but then i decided to cut myself a tiny bit of slack and admit life has been a bit trying.

we no longer get to go on the cruise, which is a HUGE disappointment. seems so petty in comparison to the children dying in africa and all. but we had our hopes on an escape with warm weather and now it’s gone within a month of departure. boo. but i took it pretty personally since i’m the reason we’re not going. or, at least, i’m carrying the reason we’re not going.

then there was the threat of losing our health coverage. praise be to jesus that it turned out that badly worded forms were sent to an over-reactive control freak and thus we’re still covered. but that was a rough couple of days, too.

then i forgot to pay the mortgage. it got paid, just late.

then our overly-expensive (but the grandparents insisted) car seat arrived while we were out of the state and i had to fret for a good 12 hours that it was stolen from our front door. thankfully we live in a safe neighborhood and have fantastic neighbors. crisis averted once again.

then there’s the complete lack of holiday cheer. now, pre-thanksgiving-ish time and the days immediately following, i was totally into the yuletide groove. and then the tinsel lost its sparkle. i have no idea why. i think it was the previous 4 paragraphs. but our tree was delivered tonight, and as mentioned those rolo things are on the books, along with an upcoming cookie exchange, so maybe we’ll get a little spirit in our step. fortunately i have everyone but 2 people shopped out, and i have an idea for one – just need to get it purchased before amazon’s free shipping time expires.

when it’s all typed out it doesn’t really sound like much. i mean, everything mentioned really is “just life”. but i feel like there’s been a lot of “just life” really fast. not to mention the whole growing a baby thing. i’m not one to plead pregnant too often (generally only when manual labor is involved), but my cousin RAB once said that she told her husband, “I grew a lung today, what did you do?” and it’s quite true. all this development of healthy body parts on top of “just life” can really wipe a girl out.

so, i must end the post by bragging about my exceptionally good taste in husbands. with all this going on, the hubs has been 100% perfect. just super. supportive, taking on more and more at home so when i walk in i never think “and now i have to ____?!” and he’s an amazing dad. henry loooooves spending time with him and jj’s fatherly instinct is as good (if not better) than my motherly one. and tonight i walked into a homemade fried chicken dinner – because i wasn’t “eating healthy” – and barely any dishes in the sink. he really is amazing. it seems his only recent fault is that he makes me feel guilty for not being able to do it all. all the single ladies out there: don’t settle. these type of guys really do exist. oh, and he passed the business praxis. he’s smart, too. what. a. catch. and so i must post this picture to exemplify truly how “lucky i am”. who can resist that face?


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