if you know me, you are well aware that i read. all the time. “book whore” has been used in such context. there is nary a book i haven’t enjoyed in some way, save the occasional pointless romance or Special Topics in Calamity Physics. i can generally find redeeming qualities in most literature.

so it puts me in quite the pickle when book club requires that i give away one of my precious paperbacks. each year we do an exchange of both a piece of crap – known amongst some as “white elephant” – and a good book (or that we hope is good, if we haven’t read it).

i have several books that i know my ladies would enjoy. i enjoyed them immensely, so i’m not real anxious to give them away. what if i were to “need” it again? now, rarely have i ever reread fiction (a few non-fictions have had reruns, and they were just as enjoyable on round 2). i don’t mind loaning the book… but giving it away?! i know, i seem like a spoiled brat. i think i’d much rather buy someone their own copy than give mine… which seems… silly.

i need to wish that my beloved book will bring as much joy to reader #2 as it did #1. that general quality is in me – if you know me, you know that i quote, cite and recommend books midstream of about any conversation. while there was a time that my mom could say “i have a pill for that” i could also toss in “i read a book about that…” probably, to a fault.

so as i gaze over my shelves i think i have a selection. but it’s hard. clearly there are deeper issues at play here – hoarding, or my need to be in possession . sure, i want you to enjoy this book, but i want you to enjoy the library’s copy. or my copy, but give it back. why? WHY?! i probably need to see a shrink. or read a book about that.

i just finished a homemade life – by the author of Orangette. i’m not going to lie, i cried a little at the end – and i’m already married and i haven’t lost a parent. but if you love good writing alongside good food it’s a spectacular way to end your day. i’m not an adament follower of her blog, but after finishing the book i think i should be. it might inspire me to make things that don’t involve cream cheese. i’ve got a list of 2 people who may or may not get it for christmas. but since i borrowed the library copy i’m not compelled to feel at a loss for giving “mine” away. they’ll have their own.

i’m curious as to the next book club selection… jill seems quite hopeful and really, she’s got the best track record of any of us when it comes to good picks. here’s to hoping my white elephant comes packaged with something i haven’t already read!

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