i spent the day reviewing resumes for several positions and now feel the need to pass on a few pointers, in the off chance that one of the six people who read this blog are looking for new employment. so many times people want to know what to put in a resume. let’s start with what NOT to put on a resume:

1. the reason you are currently unemployed. in fact, stay away from the fact that you’re unemployed. but definately don’t blame it on everyone but you (“the trucking industry” or gw bush – neither need to be mentioned). and def don’t list it under the “work history” section.
2. previous work history if it includes “full time parent”. it’s a lot of work to stay home with your kids, but it’s not a job. at least, employers don’t think so. just makes you look either needy or defensive.
3. how you really really really need a job because you just graduated and your girlfriend is pregnant.
4. favorite colors.
5. anything to do with your pet.

and for things to include?
1. your name and a way to get in contact with you. seriously. update your resume when you change phone numbers.
2. your highest level of education completed. give me a degree, of some sort (yes, HSD / GED). but please don’t round up. everyone seems to be “one semester away”
3. employer // job title // dates employed // primary responsibilities. no store roster needed. but something other than “sold hairpieces for a while” would be nice.

that’s about it. i’m not bitter, i just feel bad that NO ONE EVER TOLD THESE PEOPLE. where are their friends? well, i’d hate to be that type of friend. so i’m just doing my job, as a recruiter AND as a friend. it’s my way to say i love you 🙂

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