spent the day at home because H was a bit sick. he threw up last night after he went to bed and we didn’t want grandma to catch anything, so i had to stay home. he had a pretty cranky afternoon, but so do i when i don’t feel well (and i don’t – did i mention the hubby was so generous to share his cold???)

but in the span of the day, here’s what i learned.

1. if, when involved with a crime, you say, “i swear, i didn’t kill her though” then you usually didn’t. (we were tuned into CSI all day).

2. my mother-in-law makes the world’s best applesauce. or she buys it. but i’m pretty sure she made it. it was pretty and pink and not cinnamon-y (though i do love the plaza’s pink cinnamon applesauce).

3. making veggie beef soup really isn’t that hard. i was impressed with the outcome. even put a container in the freezer for post-baby time.

4. vicks on the feet and saline up the nose helped him to sleep. not sure which is to contribute, so we’ll continue with both.

5. patience is not gained in the short-term, specifically in a 12-hr period with a sick baby and sick mama. i’m not sure how many sick days it takes to establish patience. i nominate someone else to find out and spread the word.

6. i’m pretty lucky that i got to stay home with the little one instead of wondering all day how he was doing while i suffered through work. i do a lot of complaining about work, but really, i’m pretty lucky.

7. mark was right. he recommended that i buy these vicks (but not made by the vicks brand, it’s just the best way to describe the smell) tablets that you put in the shower. it’s like a little alka-seltzer vicks for the tub. between the vicks and the steam of the shower it turns into a glorious little haven. mark said it was better than slicing out your sinuses, and he was right. definitely listen to this guy more often.

8. t-mobile has the best taste in music – LOVE their choice for the my touch commercials.

i’m sorry if today’s lessons expose my mediocrity. wow, i spelled that right on the second try. who said today wasn’t a success?? (well, anyone who ate my veg soup would say it was a complete success! and when jj comes home and h is still sleeping, he will also agree).

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