i do enjoy sundays. however, today i decided i need a new rule: no shopping on sundays. i know it’s a sabbath prohibition and now i see why God would want meijer to close on sundays: it’s exhausting. last week i made a target run and this week we were out of about everything, so i end up driving a cart. and i decided that i don’t like it.

i think it’s mostly because it takes me out of the house and away from time with the fam. yes, H was napping and jj was doing homework, but i’m still not able to enjoy their simple presence. i instead have to argue with the cashier about the price of blocks of cheese. that’s just not fun. so, because i’m rule-driven and function better with clear guidelines and expectations, i shall not grocery shop on sundays. a quick stop at greatscot for a needed ingredient is permissable.

when i came home the boy and i went for a long walk, which was enjoyable. i got to catch up with one of my “kids” for a bit. after the little one’s dinner and bath (got the new shower curtain hung – finally!), i started working on the makings for chili. i like to use all fresh stuff in mine, so it requires a lot of chopping – onion, tomato, green pepper, garlic… jj will add the beef tomorrow and let it simmer all day. mmmm. over the past several weeks i haven’t been cooking much, and i have missed good food. there for a bit i only craved food i didn’t prepare, aka lots of eating out. this is much too expensive, unhealthy and just a general way of life that i don’t really like, so i’m glad i’m back to chopping veggies. i think a lasagne and some broccoli cheddar soup is on the books for later this week (now with kristy’s instruction i SHALL conquer that roux!). not to mention a birthday dinner at red lobster.

so, that’s about it. maybe i’ll be back up to 100% soon and able to make some cookies before halloween – or at least some fall goodies, like pumpkin or spice cookies. it’s good to have goals.

happy sunday to you all, as well.

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