ugh. worse instead of better. i pulled myself out of bed this morning but had to sit down in between activities, including peeing and brushing teeth. that should’ve been my first sign. made it to the 2:00 stopping hour, came home with body aches and chills. so i called the midwife to make sure i didn’t have this deadly flu the media keeps talking about. they gave me a nose swab but they weren’t too worried.

they did, however, give me a prescription as a “precaution.” i asked if it was safe. nurse said “sure, it’s protocol.” i asked if it was “protoccol” before the swine flu existed. nope. i think we’ll wait until i get a diagnosis or until i begin a rapid onset of new symptoms before giving that a run.

jj was quick on the rescue and within the hour of my return my mother-in-law, a known angelic figure of upper sandusky, showed up with noodle soup and preparations to entertain henry all evening. he was thrilled, they laughed and played all night. thank goodness, i’m sure that wouldn’t be the case if he was stuck with only me.

well, i need to be done with the computer, it is inducing hot/cold chills. back to the tv. how many episodes of Law and Order SVU until you’re a certified detective?

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