what?! last tuesday?! i suck. here i thought i had just skipped through the weekend. turns out 60% of last week is missing, too.

but, if i do say so, i’m not without excuse. it was a busy week last week. tuesday night was grocery night, wednesday we made it to the hardin county fair (chicken gyro, a fried pickle and a bit of rotery ice cream. oh, and fries with vinegar and lots of salt). that was a late and wearing night, but well worth it to see many of our cousins also enjoying the ponies, fried cheese and general socialization of the fair. oh, and can i say why i love the hardin county fair? because i always know where to go for free popcorn. it never moves. gosh i love consistency.

thursday my excuse is more fair food, but this time no fair experience – instead i got together for girls night to fry up anything we could find. i was in charge of corn dogs (which i hate but they love) and pickles, but *real* gyros were there, along with soft pretzels, carmel apples, lemon shake ups and french fries. our hostest made an attempt at funnel cakes and elephant ears, but we had a bit of a stick-age problem on the funnel cakes. we substituted “chinese resturant donuts” (biscuit dough) for elephant ears and all were happy.

friday jj lived up football friday night while i crashed on the couch with a movie. it was so good i can’t even remember the title. but it served its purpose.

so, all of that to say… i’ve been a bit busy to blog. maybe i should be so greatful that i have such wonderful friends and family to spend time with each day. but i was also greatful for the rest. ahhh, to lounge on the couch friday night – and again on saturday night with my mama.

as for today, will you just revel with me, and my friend jill, in the delight of tuna noodle casserole? i’m not sure what our generation will turn out like, having been raised on nothing but “cream of” soups, but i can tell you that i’m one satisfied puppy right now. and i’m lucky to have a wonderful friend who can contribute a few noodles and the cheddar cheese to go on top – and at a short notice. together we raise our forks to the love of everything creamy and comfortable.

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