i missed a few days. not really my fault, we were sans internet at the michigan lakehouse for a few days. it was the weekend, so i don’t feel that bad. but today i all-out celebrated Labor Day to its fullest meaning: i did no sort of labor. this includes getting dressed.

i am so thankful that we still retain a sprinkling of such holidays in our federal calendar. i love the “holiday season” (thanksgiving through new years) but it requires a different type of labor. granted there’s less attendance to your place of employment, but all the family gatherings, holiday parties, shopping, cards, and all those other things involved require effort.

today was effortless. granted, i still tended to my childcare responsibilities (you can’t shirk EVERYTHING) and did minor foodservice (today was the first H had store-bought baby food. he wasn’t a fan). but i wasn’t about to attempt the grocery on such a beautiful gift of Do Nothing Day.

I recently listened to another podcast on sabbath and rest. it’s a concept i really dig (i’ve posted on this before) not because i’m lazy (though i am) but because it’s true. we run ourselves ragged between work, social engagements and the general maintenence of living (grocery, keeping up on the bills, cooking dinner, remembering when the trash goes out, appointments with the speech therepist…). i don’t just believe, but i know that we were not created for such nonstop goings.

for several years in a row i missed memorial day. this is because i was always down sick with the flu. and not just a minor malfunction, but near to sleeping by the toilet. it became evident that the reason was because i had pushed my limits of busyness and my body just couldn’t handle it.

the podcast i heard quoted another source, saying “if you don’t take a sabbath then your illnesses and sicknesses will become your Sabbath.” ugh. that’s not what i really want – to have to be slowed and stopped by puking simply because i didn’t listen to warning signs. for those of you who never struggle with this (because i’m sure i’m the only one), a few comon symptoms:
1. complaining “i’m tired” even after a full nights’ sleep
2. missing out on something you’d really like to do because you have too much to do before / after the event
3. not remembering important things – like when it’s your sister’s birthday or that you owe the IRS a large sum of money.

so today i fully delighted on this wonderful gift of holiday, the fact that i labor all the live-long year and i don’t have to today. what a treat.

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