right now there are 5 ladies in the kitchen putting together a taco bar, several men playing corn hole with baby on hip and several of us gnoshing in the living room. we’re figuring out who is sleeping where – which couple is on the floor, who will share the room with baby grant, and explaining our victory in rearranging the master bedroom to fit an air mattress in there.

the kids are running around, some are extremely tired. naps have went by the wayside. schedules are off. people are sitting on the floor… and no one really cares. kimberly said, “grant and i decided that if we had to buy a tent we would because it’s worth it to be here.”

it’s not easy fitting 29 people in a normal house, cooking dinner, and figuring out sleeping for most of us. however, 98% of us do it with a smile on our face. we get irritated. sometimes we have to step into the bathroom for a moment of peace and quiet.

but it’s soooo good. i love that my kid(s) are growing up with so many cousins. i love that everyone is working so hard to be cooperative, thinking of what is best for everyone, not just ourselves. i love that my kid(s) will grow up learning these skills by watching us try to figure it out.

“community” is the buzzword nowadays. but when i’m here, with all these wonderful people, it’s not just a concept but a reality. it’s realistic because it’s not easy nor perfect, but we appreciate each other more than the convenience of getting our own way.

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