we’ve had our days, but lately this kid has been soooo much fun. we’re finally sleeping well, and then this morning at 7:30 we still hadn’t heard him get up – verrrry unusual. JJ went to check on him and guess who was in his crib just playing happily?! it was so sweet.

i was just watching him play today. he likes to just sit and play. you know, shake an empty spice jar (filled with noodles), or pull the liner off the basket the toys were in. or try to catch lizzie’s tail. i could just sit and watch and smile. just yesterday while on the phone with my dad he (H, not my dad) wanted to sit with me, and he just laid there and cuddled. peaceful.

it made me do some reflecting (as most things do). i’ve had some recent frustrations, some tears with previous patterns that H seemed to get stuck in. i felt very… i’m not sure what the word is… but i felt bad for feeling it. but today made it worth it. i’m not saying that H hasn’t been enjoyable until today – he’s brought so much joy already! but today made all the tears and fears and frustrations melt away. they didn’t even matter.

it was a good day.

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