Reading Richard Foster’s “devotional classics” and he shares some writings from Lord William Temple about “christian principles” in the social life. i dig it.

“if Christianity is true at all, it s a truth of universal application; all things should be done in the Christian spirit and in accordance with Christian principles*.
‘Then,’ say those who want reform, ‘produce your Christian solution for unemployment.’ but there neither is nor could be such a thing. The Christian faith does not by itself enable its members to see how a vast number of people within an intricate economic system will be affected by a particular economic or political idea.
‘In that case’ say those who want to uphold the status quo, ‘keep off the turf! By your own confession you are out of place here.’ Here the Church must reply, ‘No; I cannot tell you what is the remedy. But I can tell you that a society with chronic unemployment is a diseased society. If you are not doing all you can to find the remedy, you are guilty before God.’
the Church is likely to be attacked from both sides if it does its duty. It will be told that it has become ‘political’ when in fact it has merely stated its principles and pointed out when they have been breached. The Church will be told by advocates of particular policies that it is futile because it does not support theirs. If the Church is faithful to its commission, it will ignore both sets of complaints and continue as far as it can to influence all citizens and permeate all parties.”

*according to Foster the principles are: the supremacy of the law of love, the reality of original sin (to which i enjoy temple’s thoughts as well), the infinite value of all human life.

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