one time a gal was speaking at 180, talking about the funny things you say to new babies. she remarked how some babies just aren’t cute, and to those babies it’s always safe to coo to the new parents, “oh, what small little feet!” (because that’s still true).

i had lunch at the plaza buffet (back room!) with my parents a few weeks ago. in trying to figure out a system so that someone was always at the table with H, my mom said, “why don’t you go ahead. i don’t eat as much.”

sometimes it’s what you don’t say.

a friend was making a few remarks on facebook about a particular social issue. he commented that he and his family do not partake in this particular disputable topic. reasoning? he and his family “trust god.”

so because i partake, i suddenly am not on the trusting god side? better yet, because i find it necessary to partake in said social issue, that puts me in the opposite corner of trusting God?

it’s not what you say :: it’s what you don’t say. it’s not your exclusion. it’s your lack of inclusion. it’s not that you’re mean, it’s that you’re generally not nice. no, i’m not speaking to anyone in particular… more just myself in general i suppose. but i feel better now.

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