a friend of mine was composing “10 things” she’ll never do. however, she had a little trouble so she decided to stick with 8. i got to thinking… what 8 things would i say that i’d never do?? i had trouble with it, but here’s my list. let me know if i missed one.
*one caveat: due to the nature of her profession, her list was largely health related (“i’ll never stop working out… i’ll never get my kids vaccinated…”). due to the nature of my vocation, my list casts a much wider net. 🙂

Michele will never…
8. … throw away a book. i just can’t bear it. even the poorest written, lack-of-storyline chick lit will at least get sold on amazon, if not given to goodwill. reminds me of A League of Their Own– girl learning to read: “he touched her mii…miilll…milky whiiite br.. bre… breast. milky white breast. oh!”
Mae: “hey, she’s readin’ ain’t she?!”

7. … wear a crop top. I just read in Glamour that it’s making a comeback. Count me out, folks.

6. … get another full night’s sleep. I came to this realization just the other day (yes, i know – 7 months old and i’m JUST realizing that?!). i’m sure that the day henry starts to sleep through the night will likely be the day i find out i’m pregnant again, thus restarting all the trips to the bathroom. by the time the kids graduate and i stop worrying about them getting home safely, i’ll be so old that i’ll have achey parts and insomnia.

5. … give up on Church. this has become more evident to me lately. the day that i stop participating in the Body is the day that i’ll always be right. God will conform to my likeness and not vice versa. that’s a dangerous place for Miss Michele to be.

4. … eat a hot dog from a vendor’s cart in Ecuador. not only do i hate hot dogs, but while on my mini-basketball tour there some of our male team counterparts actually attempted this. they ended up with the scoots and i thought, “reason number 2…”

3. … bungee jump, sky dive or generally anything that requires my life to depend upon a small piece of rope. i know, i’m a party pooper but that just does not sound fun.

2. … take out credit that I know I can’t pay back. my papa told me the day that he handed me a credit card “don’t put anything on it that you can’t pay for right now.”
*admission of guilt: i, too, had trouble coming up with even 8, so i asked kristy what one thing i would never do. she listed this among never: eating a pound of pork chops, giving henry an entire 2 liter of diet coke and posting naked pictures on facebook. all of these are also probably true, but i’m most passionate about people with stupid credit. slightly behind is my revulsion to pig.

1. … say never. On nearly all of these, i could come up with a situation or 2 that i would say, “well, ok…”. most of those situations involved large sums of money being paid to me. but nonetheless, “never” is quite a stretch! i’m definately not the “daredevil” type that would say yes to anything, but i hope that i have an open mind enough to at least give something a chance. hear both sides. ponder the circumstances. weigh the options. i think this is because of another thought (and post) i have brewing about the dangers of declaring things either 100% evil or 100% good. but until then….

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