henry status update: “dadadada” is now a part of our vocabulary and it seems to have become the multipurpose sound. he says it all the time. it’s absolutely adorable. he also purrs like a kitten when he is happy. also adorable.

on the sleeping front we’ve seen progress but not complete success. i’m actually happy with progress. you can’t expect immediate perfection, right? i mean, it took me 28 years to reach perfection.

on a similar note, i had a realization last night. henry wouldn’t go to sleep, but he’s usually very good at falling asleep if we’re on target for bedtime. i kept flipping him to his belly, because he likes to sleep on his belly. he’d play with the puppy rabbit and then flip over. then he’d lose the bink, cry, i’d come in and flip him back. rinse and repeat. i thought “why won’t you stay on your tummy? you like to sleep on your tummy!”

as if there’s not ever been a time when i couldn’t fall asleep on my side (my preferred sleeping position), so i’d roll to my tummy. so why would i never consider that maybe H will likely change things up as well?

i was remarking to kathi this morning (whole seperate post – what a wonderful visit!!) how it’s so much fun to see the new things he’s doing. picking things out of a basket. looking at a variety of toys. pounding on the mini-piano without me helping him. his whole life is one constant process of change! his routine, his gross motor skills, his babbles are all building blocks on the way to who he is becoming.

i’m not a huge fan of change of routine. this morning i put my face lotion on after i brushed my teeth and was thrown completely out of whack. but do i really want henry to be stuck with dadada as the primary vocab word? unless i do, i must face the reality that things change. not just my baby, but the way our day (and night) takes shape.

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