In the next 12 hours, 2 of my friends will be checking into hospitals. Both will be given unflattering hospital gowns, have an epidural administered and then be told to wait. One will find out if this small cluster of cells that began living in his body long ago is really a disease trying to destroy good, healthy cells. The other friend will see what has become of a small cluster of cells that began living in her body 9 months ago, and he will begin life in our world.

i can’t even describe my emotions. hope, fear, anticipation, frustration, excitement. and complete and utter uselessness.

it’s hard for me to really get my mind and heart around the fact that God is the God of all of this. but He is. David Crowder even sang it…”in joy and pain, in sun and rain, You’re still the same and you never let go.”

my understanding of the Hebrew word for “hope” is a connotation of waiting. so, for the next 12 hours (hopefully less, for Kristen’s sake), i guess that’s what I’ll do.

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