i’m not sure why, it probably has something to do with bread, but i was randomly wiki-ing passover from the jewish perspective (seeing how it is, well, a jewish holiday). interesting stuff – they have a little yeastbread hunt for the kiddos before passover begins and apparently it falls into spring cleaning. you can’t have even a bit of yeast substance in the house. there’s also the “4 questions” kids ask the adults at the meal so that the story of passover can be retold once again.

on a side note, some interpreters think a better interpretation of pesach would be “to hover over” as in protective sense. i can dig that.

but here’s my quandry. a big deal part of the passover is that you recline to your left during the meal. it’s quite mandatory (and it seems there’s quite the discussion as to if a woman should recline or not), even for kids to recline. so i thought to myself, “what’s going on here?”. more wiki. a little google. it seems that reclining at the table was something kings, or people of importance, did during the meal. servants would never recline. i picture in my mind someone lounging about, having grapes fed to them. and so, as a way of helping the hebrew people remember that they were delivered from a land of slavery into freedom, they would recline like kings at the table.

as i read about this, the verse immediately came to mind that jesus was reclining at the table with his disciples during the passover feast. he was apparently doing what a good jewish boy should do for passover.

but there’s some sort of delicious irony in the fact that jesus really WAS a king, lounging with a bunch of don’t-quite-get-it followers for passover. like he “let” them lounge with him and enjoy his status – not that jesus was a status seeker.

i can’t quite put my finger on it… but something speaks. something fits.

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