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today, at first glancing of FB statuses i see that a large population of people are celebrating St. Patty’s day. the today show has major coverage – they even flew to ireland (really, do we lack real news that much??). it’s all the rage. i even got together with a group of girls last night (not even the real holiday!) and they made me change into a green shirt to celebrate.

why? does anyone even know the real origins of the holiday? or who st. pat was? its on my to-do list for today to wiki it (that and the history of the catholic fish fry and the KofC). but yet hundreds of people will be drinking green beer and looking for others to pinch all day long.

i have a theory. like i tell my friends, i’m not a professional, but i have great theories. my theory of st. pats is this: sometimes we just need a reason to celebrate and have fun. sometimes the drain of life is just a bit too much and we forget the many reasons we have to celebrate and enjoy life. there’s really nothing else in the month of march to do or look forward to except st. patrick’s, so we make a big deal because, well, we need to. we need something to look forward to!

i wonder if more of us made a concerted effort to find a reason to celebrate every day, what life would look like…

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