it turns out i have something more precious than i knew. i have a circle of ladies who i love, trust and thouroughly enjoy being around and they let me be their friend. i didn’t realize how lucky i am until i was perusing the titles at a local bookstore. there are so many books about women friendships – the friday night knitting club, the sweet potato ladies, the babysitters club, sisterhood of the traveling pants – it turns out that women of all ages are starving for fulfilling friendships!

this makes me both happy and sad. happy because i know what wonderful friends i have. i’ve had several groups of them at different points in my life (except high school… but i feel like God has more than made up for the quality of friendships i have through my time in college and my current life situation. i can forgive him for a few bad years).

but i’m sad because obviously there are women everywhere and of all ages that are craving meaningful friendships with other women.

i say this because typically the media we consume (tv, books, internet) exist because they are meeting a “felt need”. if everyone had these wonderful friendships it wouldn’t make for a very good storyline. it’s like owning a honda. not very exciting because they exist in 6/10 garages (especially in southern hardin county / logan county area). but the fact that these books on lady friends are such hot sellers, well, that just says how much readers are seduced by the idea.

one of these special friends just wrote in an email today that she wants to write a book about our friendships, and i think she has a pretty good case. not just because we’re hilarious – though we are – but because every one of those gals is a treasure.

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