Dear Lady In The Waiting Room,

Please don’t stare. I realize you probably have not seen an infant with hearing aids. You’re probably very curious. But please don’t stare. It doesn’t make it easier on Him or Me. You see, it’s taking a bit of adjustment on our end, too.

You might go home this evening and tell your Husband In The Waiting Room about that “strange thing you saw today.” And maybe next time we cross paths in the waiting room you’ll work up the guts to ask “what’s wrong with him?” I suppose you’re probably just on the front end of the number of times I’ll be asked that question. Someday maybe I’ll be given words to explain the situation without frustration, fear, anger or over-protectiveness speaking for me.

Lady In The Waiting Room, I hope you understand at what – Who – you are staring. This beautiful baby isn’t incapable. He’s not dumb. As his Pseudo-Aunt Kristy says, there’s a problem with his ears, not a problem with him. He’s going to grow up to be a bundle of energy. In fact, his hearing aids will probably be least on the list of problems he’s going to cause his mommy and daddy. Mom will likely stress more about him getting hurt on the football field or his consistent mediocre grades on the spelling tests (because, hey, he’ll get that honest).

What you don’t see, Lady In The Waiting Room, is the hope that is still active in this, and every, child. He might be curing your cancer someday. Or leading your community government. Or teaching your children. Maybe he’ll even marry your granddaughter. If that is so, how will you describe him to your friends? “That Kid With The Hearing Aids?” Or a boy of great character, that treats people well, that is driven to be successful, provide for a family and is passionate about Jesus? Because that’s the kind of boy I am believing in, hoping for and trying to raise.

Maybe, Lady In The Waiting Room, you should quit gawking and start smiling. Because the Kingdom of God is for such as these. And if you knew this little guy, you’d be thrilled with what the Kingdom of God has to offer.

In God’s Restoring Love,
Henry’s Mom

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