10. she has to finish the book, even if it’s bad
9. impeccable taste in nail polish
8. her willingness to share nail polish
7. she’s a book whore, much like myself.
6. she loves my baby – and not just because he’s just any baby
5. we share friends and there’s never, ever, a sense of “i know more” or “i’m closer to” competition
4. she’s honest and up front about her “high maintenance” life of fans and multiple pillows.
3. she drops poptop cans of biscuits because she doesn’t like the popping. i HATE that too, but i’m not smart enough to drop them on the floor.
2. grace and patience seem to be a package deal – she has massive amounts of both (interestingly enough, ALL my friends do… hmm…)
1. when i was complaining about the meaningless sound someone was making because it “wasn’t teaching henry anything” she responded, “he doesn’t always have to be learning.” what a wonderful, eloquent, truthful way of saying “get over it, michele” right when i needed it.

i love friends.

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