today after church i mentioned that if i were to ever be on death row, my final meal would be macaroni grille’s pasta milano. hands down best dish. ever. apparently most people don’t think about what their death row dish would be.

i also think about funeral songs. if i were to die in the near future (and i hope i don’t!) i have a list of 3-4 songs i would like to be a part of my funeral.

so, in the vein of making weird lists, i can tell you that this weekend would make the cut for a chapter in the memoir of michele wingfield minehart. it started well with our first pictures of henry – so cute! they’ll be in by the end of the week. then mom and pops crashed at our pad for the night, so we had dinner with them and played the wii. we went to see alex’s hockey game with cousins rebecca and will, followed by brunch. i have such a wonderful time with my family, i cannot imagine not having them as a significant part of my regular social calendar.

jj and i had a low key evening on saturday, pizza and a movie. twas nice. the kid slept splendidly, as did mom.

this morning was church, and then “the friends” came over for breakfast. we’ve been making a regular outing of breakfast after church, but that puts a cramp in the pocketbook after a while, so i offered to put my heart shaped waffle iron to use. jj made eggs to order and the erfords had a ready supply of breakfast meats. bob evans has nothing on us.

there are lots of books out there (specifically in the world of church leaders) talking about building community, la de da, but it’s times like these that show me what the Body really looks like. it’s people who want to enjoy a homeade breakfast with you, even if you have to eat your waffles before your eggs are cooked. it’s handing off the baby so i can butter the toast. it’s the general chatter and excitement of waiting on jill to start having contractions. it’s the simple but demanding work of living life and letting others live it with you – not by looking through the window, but by joining you in the kitchen. they’ll find the forks, rinse the plates and let you serve them without feeling like they “have to return the favor.” it’s just part of who we are.

i love the peace that comes with knowing that i have friends and family that if i were to tell them the worst of news, there would be no fear of loosing their love.

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