nothing like titling a post from a david crowder song (even better yet – whole album).

Thursday we went to toledo to begin the process of fitting H with hearing aids. He was very good when they made the earmolds, and we absolutely love our new audiologist (but sad that dr. Z can’t keep us. darn distance!). interesting enough, the audiologist, Patti, had a daughter with a severe hearing loss, which made it much easier to ask questions. she has a fabulous “bedside manner” to start with, she has a way of making no quesiton seem stupid but no concern or fear unmanagable.

this to be said because wednesday night was a bit difficult. a word to the wise: if your kid, or anyone you love, has some sort of special circumstance – don’t do too much googling on the subject. talk to someone directly. i was completely overwhelmed with IEPs, sign language options, special schools, the whole gammet of what other folks have dealt with. but after thursday i realized that their story might not be OUR story. there will always be similarities and i think it’s human nature to try to find similarities when dealing with the unknown, but that doesn’t mean God is writing the same story for each person with a hearing loss (or any new obstacle that gets thrown in the way).

its a bit challenging to deal with all the what-ifs & wills: what life will be like, will kids make fun of him, will he feel constrained, will we do everything right to make sure he develops like he should, will others just pity him and not allow him the beauty of overcoming challenges… there’s a whole list. then there’s the ongoing battle of realism vs. optimism. you want to be like “it’ll be fine” but you also have to see that day-to-day life will be different than expected.

the audiologist first won me over when she was able to think financially for us (aka, know when your warrenties are about to run out), but she held my heart in her hand when she explained what we’re looking at: “you’re all set to go to france. you pack your bag, learn the language, read the reviews and make an itenrary. then you get off the plane and find that you’re in spain. it’s a new language and a new surrounding. it’s not france, but it’s a great adventure.”

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