I am not pro-choice. I am not pro-life. I don’t think either of these views offer a viable long-term solution because I don’t believe that either of these views are asking the right questions.
So in a blog about abortion, i state my view is: abortion is the effect, not the cause of systemic evils in our world. Abortion is the result of other things going wrong. I don’t think there’s a question if it’s right or not (though there will be a minority that says it is ok… but i don’t think that’s my reading audience, if i were to ever have one. that’s a whole other ethical argument. i think the majority of people on all ends would say putting an end to life is not good). Another disclaimer: it is my understanding that a large majority of aboritons involve younger, single women, often times minorities and a large percentage of them live within poverty levels. the minority of women who are of means and just decide “not to have this one” are outside the bounds of this view. i have other issues about that.

So here’s my complaint: Stop complaining about new policy. I think that i’m safe in saying that, over time, it has never been proven that policy will change people and the way they live their life. It won’t. Go all the way back and we find Jesus facing the same problem – Laws won’t change people. People change people. (insert song by Derek Webb here. really. go find it on itunes. “A new law.”)

I don’t like that my tax dollars will support a decision that i don’t think is best for all parties involved. but complaining and pointing fingers isn’t a solution either. it’s been my view since a very involved christian ethics class 2 years ago that if i’m not willing to go the road for her, i don’t think i can make decisions for another woman (or person). if i hate abortion that much, i need to put more than just my vote to work.

if it’s a flag i’m going to wave, then by golly-yup, thems fightin’ words- by golly my life had better reflect it. I’d better be out there helping the women who are faced with such an awful decision. I’d better be willing to say, “i’ll do whatever i can to make life work so that you can have this baby”.

so, with a new president and possibly new policy in place, there is some anger. maybe even fear. lots of call to prayer. recently I’ve decided that one purpose of prayer is to invite us to participate in what God is doing on earth. So, make that your prayer. As Ghandi said (i think it was Ghandi?) – Be the change you wish to see in this world.

Stop counting on policy to make a difference – use your life to make a difference.

Disclaimer: i need to get to work, so i can’t proof read this to see if it even makes sense. but i feel better. 🙂

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