i was going on and on in my head about how frustrated i was with the world of health insurance. surely enough, when my relationship with my employer was on the mend, they decided to change insurance – and all but cut us off. the policy they’re offering us is beyond sub-par: it wouldn’t have even covered half of all we incured during november when henry was born.

but then i looked again at the bill from childrens, saw how much it was (over 18k), and how much we’ll have to pay (just over 700) and became very grateful. timing was on our side that we even had such amazing coverage when he was born. while we were there, and especially while staying at the ronald mcdonald house, we were able to see that there are so many in situations far worse off than our own.

that, my friends, might just inspire a rant. the very people who need health insurance the most cannot afford it. and a healthy lifestyle isn’t all that cheap either – do a quick price check on organic veggies vs. a tony’s pizza. it’s really no wonder that such discrepencies exist. i’ll stop there or it could get ugly.

all this to say, we’re very lucky. this super insurance is going to cover H’s visit to the Cleveland Clinic to see Dr. Ziska (yet another reason we are so very lucky!). but now i must be off to fill out insurance forms for the new plan. thank you bg for coming to the rescue.

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