henry is currently looking a little like this – bundled in sweats, blankets, and sitting on my lap to keep me warm. after an outrageous gas bill last month we’re trying to find ways to cut down on the thermostat… i am currently no more than 3 feet away from a ceramic heater and cannot feel my right hand. left hand is ok – it’s holding henry who is currently serving as my own personal heater. don’t worry, he’s staying plenty warm (i keep feeling his head to make sure).

so my toes feel a bit like my heart. my current quest is to be inspired. just haven’t felt that lately. maybe it’s the old “when you’re looking for it you can’t find it”, but i’d like some vitalization. we’re joining a new small group, i’m hoping that well help. but then again maybe it’s not just inspiration, it’s information. i miss learning. i want to go to school again. i want to have thoughtful conversations about all kinds of topics (which usually have no practical bearing on life at hand).

i think all this has been brought on by my change in life situation. when working for the church i was challenged to come up with creative ideas to engage people with what God was doing, saying and being. i loved coming up with ways to communicate that. then i went to work for a company that asks me to spend my time playing matchy with key words as i sort through resumes. i’m greatful for the job, don’t get me wrong – but it’s mindless, and i love using my mind. as well, with the arrival of henry, i spend a lot of time dealing with the primitave realities of life – eating, sleeping, pooping… i love the little guy, but again, he requires more of my patience than he does my intelligence. factor in that i love learning and haven’t been in class for over a year (and i’m green with jealousy that my husband gets to do it every day!).

so, maybe i’ll request a few books from the library. currently looking for: a brief history of everything (our library doesn’t have it!).

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