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go Ghandi

I am not pro-choice. I am not pro-life. I don’t think either of these views offer a viable long-term solution because I don’t believe that either of these views are asking the right questions.
So in a blog about abortion, i state my view is: abortion is the effect, not the cause of systemic evils in our world. Abortion is the result of other things going wrong. I don’t think there’s a question if it’s right or not (though there will be a minority that says it is ok… but i don’t think that’s my reading audience, if i were to ever have one. that’s a whole other ethical argument. i think the majority of people on all ends would say putting an end to life is not good). Another disclaimer: it is my understanding that a large majority of aboritons involve younger, single women, often times minorities and a large percentage of them live within poverty levels. the minority of women who are of means and just decide “not to have this one” are outside the bounds of this view. i have other issues about that.

So here’s my complaint: Stop complaining about new policy. I think that i’m safe in saying that, over time, it has never been proven that policy will change people and the way they live their life. It won’t. Go all the way back and we find Jesus facing the same problem – Laws won’t change people. People change people. (insert song by Derek Webb here. really. go find it on itunes. “A new law.”)

I don’t like that my tax dollars will support a decision that i don’t think is best for all parties involved. but complaining and pointing fingers isn’t a solution either. it’s been my view since a very involved christian ethics class 2 years ago that if i’m not willing to go the road for her, i don’t think i can make decisions for another woman (or person). if i hate abortion that much, i need to put more than just my vote to work.

if it’s a flag i’m going to wave, then by golly-yup, thems fightin’ words- by golly my life had better reflect it. I’d better be out there helping the women who are faced with such an awful decision. I’d better be willing to say, “i’ll do whatever i can to make life work so that you can have this baby”.

so, with a new president and possibly new policy in place, there is some anger. maybe even fear. lots of call to prayer. recently I’ve decided that one purpose of prayer is to invite us to participate in what God is doing on earth. So, make that your prayer. As Ghandi said (i think it was Ghandi?) – Be the change you wish to see in this world.

Stop counting on policy to make a difference – use your life to make a difference.

Disclaimer: i need to get to work, so i can’t proof read this to see if it even makes sense. but i feel better. 🙂

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be a lion

If there’s one thing i’ve learned about myself as i have added the mother-piece to my collection of selves, it is an awareness of strength. it’s not just the guns, though toting an 11 pounder does help the conditioning. but most recently i have experienced what Lisa See calls in her books “mother love.” mother love is, as so many people have been quick to tell me, “unlike any other love you ever experience.” (i hate it when people say things that really mean nothing …). but i have to agree that my love for little H involves thoughts, emotions and fears that i don’t necessarily experience with the many other people I love.
mother love takes more strength than wife love, daughter love or friend love. twice in the past 4 days I’ve had to listen to the little guy scream, chin quivering, because of decisions i had made on his behalf – getting shots and denying him sleep so he could have his ears tested. he was so mad, it made me wonder if i was making the right decision. but mother love requires that you step back and let your little one experience the uncomforts of the world.
it seems that mother love is about the whole picture. you’re making decisions and living each day of your life not just for what your child needs at the current moment but for what s/he needs for a life of wholeness. mother love isn’t about the shots, it’s about the health. it isn’t about the bath but about becoming clean. it’s not about the food, but about nutrition.
mother love isn’t just about the current moment, though each and every moment is a joy to experience. and most interesting is that mother love is all about the child, though i would argue that the mother is on the recieving end when it comes to joy.

*i’m sure there’s an equivilent father-love. however, i am not a father and lisa see did not write books about the topic.

**the title of the post comes from one of my favorite songs from one of my most favorite musicals, the wiz.

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can i be thankful for such a crock?

i was going on and on in my head about how frustrated i was with the world of health insurance. surely enough, when my relationship with my employer was on the mend, they decided to change insurance – and all but cut us off. the policy they’re offering us is beyond sub-par: it wouldn’t have even covered half of all we incured during november when henry was born.

but then i looked again at the bill from childrens, saw how much it was (over 18k), and how much we’ll have to pay (just over 700) and became very grateful. timing was on our side that we even had such amazing coverage when he was born. while we were there, and especially while staying at the ronald mcdonald house, we were able to see that there are so many in situations far worse off than our own.

that, my friends, might just inspire a rant. the very people who need health insurance the most cannot afford it. and a healthy lifestyle isn’t all that cheap either – do a quick price check on organic veggies vs. a tony’s pizza. it’s really no wonder that such discrepencies exist. i’ll stop there or it could get ugly.

all this to say, we’re very lucky. this super insurance is going to cover H’s visit to the Cleveland Clinic to see Dr. Ziska (yet another reason we are so very lucky!). but now i must be off to fill out insurance forms for the new plan. thank you bg for coming to the rescue.

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