Every year for christmas my mother-in-law puts wonderful, practical things in our stockings. Top of the line shaving cream (something that is difficult to go generic, if you ask me), gum, chapstick, nail files, soap, and a toothbrush. This year was no different.
Now i’m not particularly particular about my choice in toothbrush. i like a soft bristle, that’s about my only requirement. some people are a bit more choosey – for years my sister only accepted purple toothbrushes. but for my lack of choosiness, i still have difficulty getting the new tool out of the packaging and throwing the old away. for years i avoided it completely by simply updating the toothbrush in my travel toiletries kit and keeping my favorite red brush near the sink. finally i acquieced and made the trade.

the new toothbrush has no negative qualities necesarily. the bristles are slightly firm, but not painful. it might take me a day or two to remember which one is mine (although process of elimination will tell me the pink one is not JJ’s). but i still lack motivation to make the change. which i think is the problem.

change. i’m sure my dental hygenist would tell me that i need to make the upgrade as it’s better for my teeth – less germs, new firmness is good for the gums, blah blah blah. but when i brush, it just feels… different. it’s outside what i’m used to. the handle is a bit ackward. i’m not sure of the angle to reach the backside of my lower molars.

but this being said, i know it’s something i need to do. i must progress. and i’m feeling a bit the same about new years resolutions. the changes i would like to make are not difficult. they don’t hurt and in actuality they are good for me. but they’re different. and i have a tendency to gravitate toward the comfortable.

i typically use my old toothbrush in the travel bag and toss out the old travel brush, thereby getting the option of old toothbrush out of my options in the morning. i think that might need to be my approach. what do i need to remove from my line of vision each AM so that i can make the necessary changes to my life?

but what a good feeling to know that at the end of 2009 i could be blogging that this currently new toothbrush has filled the shoes of “comfortable”. we can hope.

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