I have not yet fully put together my thoughts for this post, but it’s something that’s been brewing this holiday season. i’ve been overwhelmed with gratitude. this christmas was one that i we could honestly say we needed nothing. i came up with a list for those who asked, but there wasn’t a thing that i thought “well, if i don’t get it for christmas, i’ll use some of my special money and find a way to buy it.” jj and i continue to see just how blessed we really are. and yet, we’ve been put in a place in this world with so many generous people who love so freely. we’re just surrounded by it – we were overwhelmed by it all when henry was born and the cards and gifts and prayers just poured in. but it’s continued throughout this holiday season. our parents are endless in their giving. our church family (ies) show us sooooo much love.

i think it’s because i’ve been struck by the ungratefulness of others that i hope my gratitude shows. i hope i’m able to express how appreciative we are for everything that others do for us and not just come to expect it. our generation is one that feels like most luxuries are our “right” in life, and i hope that i don’t come across like that. i’ve made a concerted effort to say thank you, but there reaches a point that you can’t say thank you enough.

and if i’m like this with those that i see, about the things i can touch… how much more am i likely to skim over the blessings that God has showered me with? i know i do it… but i’d like to stop.

last year i made a list of things that would make 2008 better than 2007. i think i’ll make another similar list. butt, hips and thighs will remain on the list as i did not put forth much effort on that one (i’ll plead pregnancy). and this year i’ll add: 1) show more gratitude and 2) be more generous.

being the TTYD that i am, i think i need to make an action plan. this will require time with kristy and a good bottle of chilean wine.

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