i saw brian beall at work the other day. we hadn’t crossed paths in a while and i realized the time had lapsed since his wife was scheduled to have a baby. so i asked about her. little one is doing great, happy healthy… all that exciting stuff.
so that closes out the numbers. all the people that were due to have babies at approximately the same time as me (some of them within days), now are at home with babies. the little ones have been born and there are reasons to rejoice. new life is always a reason to rejoice.
it’s just hard to believe where life has brought us in the time that we lost our baby. life has changed SOOOO significantly, and continues to do so. good things. don’t get me wrong, the miscarriage was one of the hardest things i’ve lived… but i’m in amazement at where life has taken us since. jj swiching careers. moving. a second chance.
though part of me wants to be a little sad for myself when i see May Baby pictures, there’s a part of me that just trusts. i have to. if God can change things, bring things that we need- before we even know we need them – then how much more can we trust him.
may 9 passed by pretty uneventfully… no one really noticed. but i guess i shouldn’t lend any more significance to it than what it’s due- that time has passed, life has changed and that each day, God brings us what we need. and he’ll continue to do so every day.

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