the woman has been sick for years, she thinks, “just touch his robe, then i can be healed”. Jesus is among lots and lots of people and he knows when she touches him.
this is not just a story of how jesus is very sensitive. actually, i think it’s more about the woman. Jesus says, “your faith has healed you.”
here’s what i think. i think jesus knows the difference between touch. he knows the difference between someone getting close to him because they recognize that he has the power to change their life, and someone who’s getting close to him to watch the show. he can tell when someone touches him as if their life depends upon it. it’s not an accidental bump or stepping oh his sandal because you’re walking too close.
to use an rti phrase, jesus knows when you’re “reaching out” and making the effort instead of haphazardly bumping into him.
“ask seek knock”.
“reach out to me and you will find healing because of your faith.”

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