i love when you have friends that just know that when you say “can we talk” that really means “i need to talk to you right now, i really don’t want to cry all by myself and i need to feel validated please please please pay attention to me.”
i love that i have a friend that can tell me, “it’s not the feelings that you have that are wrong- it’s what you do with those feelings.”
i love that i have a friend that can tell me that i don’t have to try. and she really means it.
for the record, i also love friends that will come to book club when it’s evident that no one read the book and the ones who did (partially) will testify that it’s really not that good, but they make the trip anyway because it’s a good time and you made a lot of food.
i love friends that will give me her clothes to wear for an entire weekend because my husband forgot to bring the bags i packed.
i love good friends. i need good friends. not just because it makes life better, but i really think i’d go crazy without them. and because i’d have to go to a redwings game without any pants.

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