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this makes me sad

Do you need a place to live? I am in need of someone to care for me in exchange for room & board. (419)686-8676 or (419)601-1341
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Posted: Feb 14, 2008

source: the findlay courier.

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it’s not as easy as it sounds

so for this year’s lenten season i did some evaluating of what needed improvement in my life. since time seems to be of the essence for me, i decided to do something that would help me be wise with the hours i’ve been given- i’m tired of saying “i didn’t have time.” it’s typically not true, i just didn’t make time (*with the exception of stuff that needs to be done during regular business hours, like calling hospitals and insurance companies. i literally did not have time to call them).
so, i thought to myself, “what takes up time that really isn’t productive or recreative?” that’s how i came up with facebook as my lenten sacrifice. it eats up time but really does nothing for me.
i can’t believe how hard it’s actually been! a few people have written on my wall or sent me messages- i hate that i can’t get to it. but even more, i come home at the end of the the day and i want to see what everyone else has done, said or posted. what’s going on in so-and-so’s life? who is xyz dating? oh, STATUS change????
it’s emotional pornography. i’m escaping my world and my bad day for the hopes that life is better inside the Book. i watch as others’ lives unfold right before me so that i don’t have to deal with what’s happening in my life- or, at least, i use it to make myself feel better, saying, “at least i don’t ________.”
i’d have to say, lent is making me not only face the time i have with questions of “how can i use it now that i have it?” but as well, “well, michele, who are you? what do you feel?”
lent is so good, in a just-ran-a-really-hard-run-but-it-kinda-hurts kind of way.

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who touched me?

the woman has been sick for years, she thinks, “just touch his robe, then i can be healed”. Jesus is among lots and lots of people and he knows when she touches him.
this is not just a story of how jesus is very sensitive. actually, i think it’s more about the woman. Jesus says, “your faith has healed you.”
here’s what i think. i think jesus knows the difference between touch. he knows the difference between someone getting close to him because they recognize that he has the power to change their life, and someone who’s getting close to him to watch the show. he can tell when someone touches him as if their life depends upon it. it’s not an accidental bump or stepping oh his sandal because you’re walking too close.
to use an rti phrase, jesus knows when you’re “reaching out” and making the effort instead of haphazardly bumping into him.
“ask seek knock”.
“reach out to me and you will find healing because of your faith.”

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